1h20 from Porticcio, take D55 then T40 to Cauro follow T40 to Santa Maria- Sicché, take D757 to Ciamannacce then D328, to end by D28 till the village.


Palneca is at the heart of Park Natural Regional of Corsica, is crossed by the famous walk of GR20, and considered as the most beautiful and the most difficult of Europe. It has been founded by two brothers: “Bartolu and Santonu” who gave the two names of the village, Bartoli and Santoni. Two places of the village have their names: “Bartolu and I Santoni”. In the village there were many gangsters, especially in the Genoese era.



    • Beech and laricci pine forest
    • Regional Natural Park of Corsica
    • Col of Verde
    • Sainte Marie Church
    • Chapel of Saint Anthony
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