1h20 from Porticcio, take the D55 then T40 to Cauro, follow the T40, direction Sainte Marie Siche, take D757, direction Ciamanacce then D328 to the village.


It is a concentrated village on a hillside. It has a nice and homogeneous architecture with granite houses with roofs of tiles. It can be found farther from the ruins of ancient Towers on the tops and grape crushers.


The village is an historical place. At the beginning of the XVI century, its inhabitants with Rinuccio Della Rocca, revolted against Gênes, they were totally massacred by the Genovese captain Niccolo Doria. Ciamamacce is also the country of Orsaltone Renucci, famous captain all over the island who married Sampiero Corso’s sister and was at the head of one the four companies that he had founded to fight against Gênes.



    • Corsican regional natural park
    • Oak forest
    • Parish church A Nunziata
    • Chapel Santa Lucia
    • Miraculous spring
    • Ruins of ancient towers
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