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The territory
The President's word


« After a spring in which we remained confined and prostrate in our homes, summer timidly came up, almost apologizing for offering us so much vigor and lightness all at once. Today, it is there and bathes in its warm and comforting light this beautiful territory of Taravo Ornano. Take advantage of this newfound freedom to discover the beauties of the coast or the charms of the villages. Rediscover the joy of going out, strolling or exploring.


We now know that the pleasures of a walk in the forest, a meal with family or friends at the water's edge are precious goods, pampered moments that we must savor at their true value. Do not hesitate to meet the artisans, traders, hoteliers or restaurateurs who have also gone through dark days and are doing everything today to welcome you in the best conditions and make you forget this health crisis.


The establishments will perhaps be a little less frequented this year but is it most important since the laughter of children resonates there again and that the simple happiness of the holidays has invaded our heads and our hearts. »


Valérie Bozzi


Events to come

The towns

Albitreccia 1
Azilone-Ampaza 2
Campo 3
Cardo-Torgia 4
Cauro 5
Ciamannacce 6
Cognocoli-Monticchi 7
Corrano 8
Coti-Chiavari 9
Cozzano 10
Forciolo 11
Frasseto 12
Grosseto-Prugna 13
Guarguale 14
Guitera-les-Bains 15
Olivese 16
Palneca 17
Pietrosella 18
Pila-Canale 19
Quasquara 20
Sampolo 21
Santa-Maria-Siche 22
Serra-di-Ferro 23
Tasso 24
Urbalacone 25
Zevaco 26
Zicavo 27
Zigliara 28

The delimitations of geographic zone
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To do

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Boat trips

You're interested in visiting the natural marine reserve of Scandola or Bonifacio ? This is possible from our area, because of regular departures. 

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Nautical activities

In each beach of our area, you will find a lot of possibilities about nautical activities.

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Activities surrounded by nature

You want to enjoy nature as practising sports activity ? Give a look by here !

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Hikes & Strolls

You wish to stroll in moutain or on the coast ? There's just a step to admire beauctiful landscapes of our territory. 

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Cultural parenthesis

You nedd a moment to have some peace and revitalise yourself ? Enjoy a nice book or a show in one of our cultural spaces.

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Rather sea or maquis, you just have to choose...


To find accommodation

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Take advantage of your stay like you were home. 

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A wish to reconnect with nature..? Discover our campings' selection.

Way of life
Art de vivre
Art de vivre
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